Excellent for sports or shopping: in these practical gym bags it goes into everything.
The hallo bag backpacks, the choke closure and are personalized with logo, it is the ideal gadget to advertise your brand. Thanks to their low cost, they fall into the category of economic sack bags.
If the bags are not needed, they can be folded down into very small dimensions and stored without problems.
Many models are available at Collarini Lanyards at competitive prices. You can buy different types of materials and customized bags with the printing of your company logo, always at the best price only!
You can count on fast shipments throughout Italy within 15 days of order confirmation. If you have special needs, you can safely use the last minute super express service, which thanks to a small supplement we produce the goods in just 48 hours and only one day of delivery.

Choose your bag backpack customized with the logo and color of your choice.

Discover our range of quality customizable bags. Ideal for conveying your communication because, generally, they have large print surfaces. The bags on our catalog are available in the following materials:
Satin: this type of material is very silky to the touch, almost silky in contact, it is also possible to print on new materials with ribbed fabrics to diversify the visual typology.
Durability: these sports bags guarantee truly enviable durability and durability. They are perfect gadgets if you want to give your customers something destined to last over time.
Print: Four-color sublimation printing on both sides always included in the price!

Polyester drawstring bag

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Polyester drawstring bag

Polyester drawstring bag
Drawstring Bag customized in sublimation<br> Print on polyester fabrics of 210g/m2

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