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Custom Washable Paper Bags

is a collection of sustainable home and lifestyle accents thoughtfully designed and consciously fashioned. Our washable paper tote bag is a beautiful, eco-friendly way to store your favorite things! These totes work brilliantly for just about any purpose; as an entryway stuff-holder, a flower display tote, or as a reusable shopping bag. The washable kraft and cotton inner lining make this bag sturdy and durable. Add a touch of natural, vintage charm to your life with a lovely tote today!
Our bags are made from 100% cellulose fibers. They are texturally and visually leather-like, thanks to the stretching and tanning of the eco-cellulose fibers during the manufacturing process. That is why our bags are a popular alternative for vegan bags.
Take advantage of the low minimum order amounts to create a great custom washable paper bag that everyone will be talking about. Being able to wash the bag will ensure your bags will get tons of use so your brand will always be out there. Just wash the bag and lay flat to dry. Brilliant! Shop our washable paper bags in bulk today and get wholesale pricing.


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